About Admona

Embark on a Mediterranean odyssey with Admona, a groundbreaking brand that's transforming the world of fashion. Admona is not just a label; it's a global community of local artisans from diverse corners of the world. Here, there's no single "face" behind the brand, only a shared commitment to preserving age-old traditions and heritage. Admona champions locally sourced materials and traditional techniques, infusing them with contemporary interpretations. Each piece in our collections is meticulously handcrafted by talented artisans, reflecting an adventure spanning the globe. We visit remote communities, collaborate closely with their talented artisans, and introduce their distinct craftsmanship to the contemporary world. We invite you to join us in honoring culture, sustainability, and the enduring allure of tradition, woven into every creation within Admona's outstanding collection.

Honoring Tradition, Embracing Modernity: The Admona Difference

In the Admona Collection, we hold a deep respect for the local artisans, their unique styles, and time-honored crafts. We believe in preserving the essence of their artistry, and that's why we stay true to the color combinations, patterns, and aesthetics that define their heritage.

A Contemporary Twist on Tradition: At Admona, we don't just pay homage to tradition; we breathe new life into it. We take those timeless elements and infuse them with a contemporary twist. Our creations are modern clothes rooted in traditional cuts and styles, offering you a fusion of heritage and innovation.

The Communities

At Admona, our journey is a mutual and enduring partnership with local communities, both around the globe and particularly in the Middle East. It's a two-way exchange where we bring our contemporary sensibilities, and they share their profound knowledge and age-old craftsmanship. Together, we craft something truly exceptional. This isn't a journey where we simply pass through and move on; it's a commitment to continued collaboration and mutual growth. We take pride in nurturing these relationships, and as a testament to our dedication, a portion of our revenue goes right back into these communities, ensuring that the bond remains strong and beneficial for all.


At Admona, we take pride in more than just creating exquisite fashion; we are committed to crafting a sustainable future, one stitch at a time. Our Admona Collection is a testament to our dedication to sustainability, local craftsmanship, and the preservation of heritage in an era dominated by mass-produced items and fast fashion.

The Odyssey

At Admona, our journey is an odyssey in itself. We scour the globe, with a particular focus on the Middle East, to seek out the finest artisans who carry the rich legacy of their craft through generations. The essence of the Admona brand is this relentless quest—to discover, collaborate with, and together create exquisite pieces for both fashion and homeware. This voyage is a communal exploration, a dedication to uncovering the treasures of old crafts and heritage, weaving contemporary sensibilities seamlessly with age-old traditions to redefine the world of fashion.

The Artisans

Our artisans, sourced from around the globe, are the heartbeat of our company. We actively seek out these master craftsmen and women, forging close-knit collaborations that span borders and cultures. They bring together traditional techniques and innovative technologies, continually reassessing the interplay between form and materials to create items of enduring beauty.

Working in small, independent workshops, each piece in our Admona collection undergoes an intricate production process that takes days to complete. The knowledge of these complex techniques is passed down through generations, making it a craft that demands time, dedication, and a sharp eye for detail to master.

Our artisans don't mass-produce their designs "by the yard." Instead, they meticulously craft individual pieces, infusing them with their unique expertise, passion, and creativity. This approach not only makes each item unique but also adds to their rarity and preciousness, elevating them to the level of coveted and exclusive pieces.

The Clothes

Admona fashion brand is a redefinition of haute couture. We create local garments in collaboration with skilled artisans, utilizing rare locally sourced materials and drawing inspiration from local cultures. Our designs feature natural hues and modest styles, all woven into the fabric of contemporary fashion. While we infuse sophistication into our creations, we remain true to the essence of craft and heritage, preserving the authenticity that sets Admona apart.

  • Local Artisans, Global Impact

    We believe in the power of collaboration with local artisans who are the custodians of traditional knowledge and artistry.

  • Sourcing Local Textiles

    In our pursuit of sustainability, we source textiles locally. This reduces our carbon footprint, supports local textile workshops, and fosters a sense of community.

  • Preserving Heritage

    In an age when heritage is often overlooked in favor of mass production, we actively contribute to its preservation.

  • Fashion with a Story

    Each Admona piece tells a story...